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My paintings explore formal relationships in abstraction through a visual language. The reappearance of the same geometric forms across paintings allows them to become familiar to the viewer, but their endless material manifestations and relationships means constant reconsideration. Depending on their conditions and the viewer’s perspective, they may allude to non-painting things or systems. Yet, they retain their non-objectivity, existing tensely between the tangible and the intangible.

The forms exist in a flexible space that they may sink into, emerge from, or sit on top of. The space ends at the surface’s edges, containing the forms within those bounds and making each painting an isolated ecology that forms can materialize out of and disappear into. Distinct formal qualities and material handling amplify or obfuscate the forms’ legibility and complicate their presence within the space. Then, their placement and relationships to each other and the ground create environments that allow viewers to consider the familiar and the unfamiliar, and ultimately how significance can fabricate out of something inconclusive.

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